Affordable Tree Services in Williston, Florida

Dusty’s Tree Service has been in business for years helping residents and business owners in Williston, Florida find the affordable tree service they need. Our highly trained team is qualified to keep your property looking great at all times. One of our primary service areas is Williston, FL.

Williston, a beautiful small town nestled near Ocala and Gainesville. This town boasts a lot of charm and excitement that is hidden away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the big cities. When you’re looking for a beautiful area to live or visit Williston is a top choice.

Check out a little bit about this amazing city below and then learn how our team can help you keep your property looking vibrant at all times. We love helping our Williston neighbors turn their property into a place they are proud to call home.

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North Central Florida is known for its farming, and Williston is known for its peanut crops. The Williston Peanuts factory and outlet store is a great place to stop for all your peanut needs. You can also stop by the Central Florida Peanut Festival which is held every October.

Peanuts in Williston Florida

Devil’s Den

If you’re looking for adventure, you’ll be quick to find it here at Devil’s Den. This prime diving spot for those who are ready to go underground is breathtaking are visited by thousands every year. You can dive or snorkel in this clear water that is nestled inside a cave. This underground spring stays 72 degrees year-round. It’s crystal blue waters and prehistoric sites are a draw to many as they enjoy this unique dive under the town of Williston.

Cedar Creek Woodlands Botanical Gardens

In 1990, Ray Webber turned an abandoned lime rock quarry into a beautiful botanical garden attraction. Hosting awe-inspiring koi ponds, gardens, and breathtaking waterfalls, you can spend the entire day exploring this area. This area provides a beautiful retreat for those who want to get out in nature without going to far from town.

Devils den Williston Florida

Tree Services in Williston, Florida

Williston is also a booming town with a lot of growth seen as you drive downtown. Whether you’re moving in or a long-time resident, you’re sure to enjoy the atmosphere it provides.

Dusty’s Tree Service is here to help all of our Williston clients to obtain the perfect setting at their commercial or residential property. We offer a wide range of professional tree service options such as tree root removal, land clearing, brush removal, and more. Check out some of our main services below and see how we can help you to get your property looking pristine and healthy.

Tree Inspections in Williston, Florida

One of the primary services you need for your property is tree inspections by a certified arborist. This allows you to get a good inside look at the health of your vegetation. We will come out to the property, go over your concerns with you, and take time to go over the health of the individual trees on the land. We can help you determine if certain trees pose a risk if they can be saved if damaged, or if removal is the best course of action. Our team is here to ensure your property and your family’s safety by inspecting the trees thoroughly.

Tree Inspections in Williston Florida
Large Oak Tree on a Farm in Williston, Florida Before it was pruned

Tree Trimming in Williston, Florida

Some trees in Williston, Florida simply need regular tree trimming to look their best and afford issues down the road. Dusty’s Tree Service can provide timely trimming for a variety of trees on the property. We work with both commercial and residential properties. Trimming the trees on your land is vital to help prevent damage in storms, or disease from taking over, or even improve the curb appeal. Homes that have trees that are taking over the area can detract from the beauty of the home itself.

Tree Removal in Williston, Florida

Sometimes you may find that tree removal by a professional is necessary. This could be due to location in regard to a building, due to busting up sewer areas, or it could simply have died or be unhealthy. Tree removal is best done by a trained team to prevent any damage or injury. That’s where the pros here come in. We can evaluate the area, decide the best course of removal and get it scheduled in no time. There’s truly no job that is too big or too small for our team to handle! Rest assured we’ll give you a great rate on the average cost of tree removal to help you get the job done quickly and affordably.

Large Oak Tree on a Farm in Williston, Florida Before it was removed
an Employee with Dusty's Tree Service uses the stump grinder to remove a large tree stump in the rainbow springs community in dunnellon florida

Stump Grinding in Williston, Florida

Do you have unsightly stumps that are causing you headaches? Then it’s time to check our stump grinding service. As tree stump grinder professionals, we can quickly get rid of stumps that can be hazardous to you or your guests. Stumps can bring pests into the yard which can also lead to harming trees that are still growing. It can be a liability if someone falls over it while at your property. Don’t let those stumps become a frustrating nuisance! Reach out to our team to see how we can help you get rid of them today!

Storm Cleanup

Living in Williston Florida means you deal with storms of all types. Whether it’s a hurricane or a summer thunderstorm, it can leave behind a trail of debris in your yard. That’s where the experts here can help. Whether it’s taking down limbs that didn’t quite break off or cleaning up your property from debris that fell, we’ve got you covered.

Call a Trained Professional

Residents and businesses in Williston, Florida can rest assured that Dusty’s Tree Service is here to assist you with all your professional tree service needs. From pruning your trees to land clearing for a building, we provide you with the experience you’re looking for. Our team has been in business for years and has deep roots in the area. You can count on us for all of your tree-trimming needs.