As a business owner, you know that part of the appeal of your business is what the property looks like when your clients arrive. Whether you have clients coming in or you are simply working with employees onsite, you need a safe and appealing property. Trees can be both beautiful additions and also a hazard if not maintained. That’s where Dusty’s Tree Service comes in. We have been working in the Ocala, Crystal River, Citrus Springs, Inverness, Yankeetown, Williston, and Dunnellon surrounding communities for 15 years. With deep roots of 35 years in Dunnellon, we know the area, trees, and climate you’re in. That’s why we provide professional tree service for all our clients.

Whether you’re building a new property or need tree removal service on a current one, we’ve got you covered. Learn about our varying commercial tree services below to help you get the most out of your property.

commercial Tree Trimming

Why Tree Removal May Be Necessary

Take a moment to look at your property. What do you see? Are trees close to your buildings, parking lots, or equipment? Do you see trees that look like they are dangerous or losing their luster? Then it’s time to call our experts in. As certified and trained arborists, we know all about the trees here in Central Florida. We can help you with noticing pests, dead trees, or problems that could arise down the road.

Part of our tree services is coming out to ascertain the commercial property. The trained expert will come to your site, explore the trees in question, and provide you with the best course of action. The affordable tree service we provide allows you to get rid of dangerous or difficult trees without spending a fortune in the process.

commercial tree trimming at a United States Coast Guard Facility

New Construction

The reason for removal includes a variety of items. For starters, you may have trees that are in the way of building a new property. This could cause issues with construction. Our talented team can come in with our heavy equipment, take the trees out of the way, and completely remove the stumps so that there’s no trace of the tree.


Another reason that commercial property owners need removal services is that the trees are dangerously close to current buildings. The trees may pose a risk when a storm comes through. Whether it’s a violent summer thunderstorm or a hurricane, you want to keep the trees a safe distance away from a building.


Trees may be infected with pests, hollow, or dead. These also pose a risk to property and life when they are left unattended. If you’re concerned your trees are dying or infected with pests, it’s important to have an inspection performed. Our team can take a look at the tree in question and advise you in the best course of action.

Our Process For Removal

When you contact our office we immediately set up a time for evaluation. Once the team arrives at your location, we’ll discuss your concerns with you, your goals for future development, and take a look at the property with you. We’ll walk the entire sight to ensure that we understand what you’re wanting. The arborist will go over the health of the tree, make an assessment on removal, and provide you with a full-cost estimate. Our affordable tree service makes it easy to get the trees removed from your commercial site.

We own all of our heavy equipment so we will immediately set a date for removal that is convenient with your schedule. There’s no job too big or too small that we can’t handle. Our licensed and insured team of experts will completely remove the trees, offer tree stump removal, and clean up the property after the task is completed. Once it is finished, your team leader will once again walk the property with you to discuss the completed job.

We Recycle As Much Debris as Possible

Part of our commitment to our community is working with recycling companies as well. Each job we work on includes taking the waste to companies where it can be reused as mulch or other items.

Your commercial tree removal service doesn’t have to be a hassle. Work with the best professionals in the area here at Dusty’s Tree Service. We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee with all of our clients and jobs. We work diligently to offer you affordable services to restore safety, beauty, and aesthetics to your property.

Before tree was trimmed away from the bulding at blue run veterinary practice in dunnellon florida After tree was trimmed away from Blue Run Vetinary Practice

Blue Run Veterinary Practice in Dunnellon Florida

Before Trees are pruned away from the building at blue run veterinary practice After the pruning of trees over the parking lot at blue run veterinary practice in dunnellon florida

Blue Run Veterinary Practice in Dunnellon Florida

Clearing Trees for a new fence line at the Duke Energy Transfer Station in Dunnellon, Florida.
Clearing Trees for a new fence line at the Duke Energy Transfer Station in Dunnellon, Florida.
Equipment used to clear a wooded area for a fence line
Equipment used to clear a wooded area for a fence line

Call a Trained Professional

Don’t hesitate to reach out today. Call us for an estimate or evaluation of your commercial tree removal service. We look forward to supplying all of your tree removal services.