Cleanup after a Storm in Dunnellon

You don’t have to live here very long to learn the patterns that storms can bring. That’s why it’s important to have a storm cleanup crew on your side. Here at Dusty’s Tree Service, we’ve been providing professional clean-up after storms for 15 years.

As licensed and insured technicians, we can carefully and expertly handle all of your affordable tree services when you need us. Take a look at our storm cleanup offerings and how we can help you take care of the aftermath.

Dangerous Trees

Take a look around your property. Are there trees that are dangerously close to your home or vehicles? Then it may be time to consider trimming them or removing them completely. Our talented experts can come to your property, discuss your concerns, and see if there are any pruning or tree removal serviceTree Removal needs.

Storm Damage caused when a tree came down on top of a fence in central florida.

Have An Uprooted Tree?

Don’t worry! We can come out to your property quickly. We prioritize any storm cleanup emergency calls and can come out whenever you need us. Trees that have been partially uprooted can pose a danger to you and your property. Our experts can come out fast and remove the tree efficiently restoring your comfort and peace of mind.

Benefits Of Storm Debris Removal Service

You may feel as if you could take care of the removal on your own. While that may be the case, there are several benefits to calling in professional tree service experts like the ones here. For starters, you don’t have to gather and remove the limbs, branches, or leaves on your own. That can take a lot of time. Allowing us to help can free you up to handle any other items that may be needed.

Our team can handle removing any of the potential risks or hazards from your property while you stay safe. Storms can leave behind weakened trees that are just waiting to fall. This can lead to a very unsafe environment for you and your home. Rely on our licensed and expertly trained staff to handle it for you.

Working with the team here means having a certified arborist on the scene to inspect all of your property concerns. This means you can easily trust what they say as they have been trained and certified in professional tree service.

Call a Trained Professional

Call Us At Any Time!

We know that storms can come up at the last minute. Even when you know they are coming, you never expect the damage they leave behind. That’s why we’re here. With our emergency response service, you can trust that your home and property will be cleaned up and protected at all times.