Are you dealing with an unsightly tree stump in your yard?

Are they a nuisance or a simple annoyance? No matter the situation, finding professional tree stump removal is important. That’s where the experts at Dusty’s Tree Service come in. For over 15 years, we’ve proudly served the Ocala, Crystal River, Citrus Springs, Inverness, Yankeetown, Williston, and Dunnellon areas to provide excellent stump grinding and removal service. We have deep roots in the area as we’ve been here for over 30 years. As part of the International Society of Arborists, we take pride in offering the top-quality, professional tree service you’ve been looking for.

Learn more about stump grinding below and how you can set up an appointment today for a consultation. With our free estimates, you’re sure to be on the way to getting rid of those troublesome stumps in your yard.

Dusty, owner of Dusty's Tree Service uses a stump grinder to remove a stump in the front yard of a home in rainbow springs dunnellon florida

Point Of Concern

A stump in the yard may not seem like a big deal at first. However, there are some issues to consider. For one, it’s more difficult to take care of your yard work. It adds to what you have to do when you’re mowing your lawn. Another concern is that it can be a dangerous hazard. For example, your children or neighborhood kids could find themselves hurt when tripping over it as they don’t pay attention while running around. That could add liability to you as the homeowner. It also can detract from the appeal and value of the property.


Still, one other issue to consider is that stumps left to decay bring in insects that can take up residence. These insects such as termites, beetles, and ants can begin to even come into the home itself. These wood-boring pests can quickly move from the stump to your residence causing massive damage. Stumps left to rot can also become a residence for dangerous snakes.

A tree trump left after a removal is ground away by a stump grinder controlled by an employee with Dusty's Tree Service

Benefits To Professional Tree Stump Removal

There are many advantages to working with our professional stump removal and tree stump grinding service. These benefits include:

  • Getting rid of potential hazards in the yard that you may not even recognize
  • Stop wood-boring pests from taking up residence and causing damage to your home
  • Keep other pests from making the stump their home
  • Increase the aesthetic appeal of your home by removing these items
  • Make yard work much easier on yourself or those who do it for you
  • Make sure that roots are not causing any issues with your sewer or septic lines

How It Works

When you have stumps that need removal, call our office right away to set up a consultation. One of our knowledgeable experts will arrive promptly to perform an evaluation of the property and stumps in question. They will discuss your concerns and goals with you, create a full-cost estimate, and answer all of your questions. Once you’ve approved the estimate, we can set up a time to perform the task.

Our team of experts will arrive at your home at the appointed time to remove and grind all stumps on the property. We have the heavy equipment on hand that makes it simple to complete the job fast and effectively. You can have peace of mind that the eyesores in your yard are completely removed while making the spot they were safe once again.

Affordable Pricing

Our removal services are second to none in the area. We take pride in helping all of our clients with their tree stump grinding and removal. Our affordable services make it easy for you to choose the company that works best for you.

Safety & Cleanup

We take all safety precautions, provide detail and extra care for your specific situation, and make sure that the cleanup process leaves no trace behind. We are glad to work with recycling companies in the area to ensure that the waste from all tree services we provide is reused in some way. This helps us give back to the community we love!

Call a Trained Professional

If you’re in need of stump grinding service, give our office a call today. We are here to offer a variety of professional tree service options to both residential and commercial clients alike. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us today and speak with one of our expert arborists. We’re here to help you remove potential hazards, clean up your yard, and restore the beautiful aesthetic of your property.